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Created 21-Jun-17
16 photos

Example of 12-exposure gridWest 4th St. at Mercer (Composite image).  New York City. 2015Washington Place & Broadway. New York City (Composite image). 2015Ludlow South of Delancey.  New York City (Composite image). 2015Crosby South of Prince.  New York City (Composite image). 2015Crosby between Spring and Broome (Composite image).  New York City. 2015Rutgers between Canal and East Broadway (Composite image).  New York City. 2015Corner St. James Place & James St.  New York City. 2015West 34th St. at 10th Ave. New York City (Composite image). 2015Diptych: Hester St. Little Italy: Cafes & Souvenirs ( (Composite images).  New York City. 2015Triptych: Broome between Eldridge and Allen Sts.  New York City (Composite images). 2015Houston at Crosby looking toward the Puck Building on Lafayette.  New York City (Composite image). 2015Ground Zero, World Trade Center site. New York City. April 2002Mt. Zion Cemetery, Maspeth, Queens. New York City. 2002Salvation Army supply depot for Ground Zero workers, World Trade Center site. April 2002World Trade Center site under reconstruction. (Composite image) April 2008

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