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Created 22-Jun-17
21 photos

Abandoned gas station near Salineno TX. March 2017Another abandoned gas station near Salineno, TX. March 2017Yet another abandoned gas station, TX. March 2017And another....  March 2017Repair shop for rent near Santa Ana NWR in Texas. March 2017Pavilion in Starr County Park, Falcon Heights, TX. March 2017Contents of bookcase in county park pavilion, Falcon Heights, TX. March 2017Fire-damaged rest stop shelter on I-10 West of San Antonio, TX. March 2017Detail of fossils in locally-cut sandstone bricks used to build the rest stop shelters, TX. March 2017Lila's Snackateria, Balmorhea, TX. March 3017Balmorhea, TX. 2017Balmorhea, TX. 2017Balmorhea, TX. 2017Truck stop adjacent to motel, Van Horn, TX.  March 2017Very old truck, Balmorhea, TX. 2017Evening in West Texas.  March 2017Signs, bushes, asphalt, Van Horn, TX. March 2017Motel marquee, Van Horn, TX. March 2017Photograph of motel room's interior displayed in parking lot, Van Horn, TX. March 2017.Motel pre-dawn, Van Horn, TX. March 2017

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