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Created 21-Jun-17
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US Capitol from the Douglass Bridge. Feb 2000 (long before construction of the Nationals stadium).The Monument from the Douglass Bridge.  Feb 2000The Watergate Hotel.  Summer 2000The Monument from the Brentwood Post Office, before and after the anthrax attach there. 2001 & 2002The US Capitol from L & Half Sts SE. Feb 2002.Jefferson Memorial I-395 Bridge over the Potomac. Oct 2002Jefferson Memorial from the SE-SW Freeway. Oct 2002The Monument, from the Tidal Basin. Feb 2002The Monument (far left) from the Anacostia waterfront on a hazy November dawn, 2002The WWII Memorial. Oct 2004The Korean War Memorial. Dec 2002Tourists at Korean War Memorial, evening. Oct 2016Underground concourse from moving sidewalk between East and West Buildings of the National Gallery of Art.  Feb 2017Capitol Columns, National Arboretum. Feb 2000

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